It is my absolute pleasure to announce that I have partnered up with the fantastic team from the Diabetes Sports Project! Living with Diabetes is a daily struggle (occasionally an hourly one), and to be teamed up with these athletes as a Champion is a real honour!

These guys epitomise what it means to be an elite athlete, let alone suffering with a crippling disease that is both mentally and physically draining, and to be considered as an equal is humbling to say the least!

From their website:


DSP is comprised of the world’s elite diabetic athlete ambassadors who inspire and educate the diabetes community to achieve their goals and aspirations. These ambassadors demonstrate how through proper diet, exercise, a positive outlook and effective blood glucose management dreams can be achieved.


The DSP ambassadors are directly engaged in community events within the diabetes and healthcare industry around the world. We participate in diabetes camps, JDRF & ADA events, industry conferences and trade shows, hospital visits, patient support groups, medical professional events and much more. Additionally, our athletes compete at the highest levels of sports to demonstrate that goals can be achieved with diabetes. 

We are dedicated to empowering the nearly 26 million affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes in the United State. Through inspirational and educational community engagement along with competition in the biggest sporting events in the world, DSP will inspire and educate millions of people affected by diabetes.

Jump over to their website to check them out!

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